Me, When I’m With You: Extract

Hard cock, hard man.

You’re standing over me as I lie on the bed. It would almost make me feel weak and small if I didn’t have such and incredible hold over you. If I hadn’t taken you to the edge five times already today. If you didn’t need to come so much right now that it’s pulsing off you.

You’re naked. You’re so pretty when you’re naked that all I really need to do is look at you. Strip you and have you stand there while I masturbate to the sight of you. Use you as porn.

But today, god, not today. Not with the way your breath is stalling, the way your shoulders are moving, the way you’re aching, wanting cock is hitching forward, fucking the air in front of you.

Your hands are braced behind your neck. You know better than to move them.

‘Lick your lips,’ I say. So cheap, but it makes me hot to see your tongue because it reminds me of all the times I’ve used your tongue as a sex toy.

Your tongue moves over your top lip. You keep eye contact with me, like you’re trying to seduce me. Maybe you don’t realise you don’t need to. Don’t realise how helpless the sight of you like this makes me. Maybe you don’t feel how much power you have over me. Maybe all you can feel is how much you need to come. How much you need to convince me to let you come. Really, I don’t need convincing of anything.

I lean over and pick up the cuffs that are lying on the floor and hold them out to you. You move your hands from behind your neck and take them. ‘Put them on.’

You snap a bracelet around each wrist and take a careful moment to fumble and flip the safety catches that stop them getting tighter. I love you in handcuffs. Your thick wrists look weirdly oversized them. You make them look tiny and tinny. Like jewellery. Sexy boy. Sexy decorated boy. It’s not even Christmas.

Clamps would be nice too, I think. More sparkle. Clamps are pretty. Your pain is pretty. More the pretty. But I’m too much of a greedy needy wanting demanding bitch right now to stop and look for them.

So instead I say, ‘Touch it, touch yourself.’

You do it. You put your cuffed hands on your cock. And you moan. You actually moan. God, you are such a tease.

You know just how to make me want you. And I start to think about letting you come even though that isn’t meant to be my plan. I think about how beautiful your face looks when you release. My pussy starts to pulse harder. And it was on fire before.
I make myself tell you to stop and you give this delicious twisted little noise and put your cuffed hands back behind your neck.

I don’t know how I am supposed to maintain a demeanour of icy control in this situation. I’m so completely the opposite of icy. I’m so damn hot and so damn wet and all I really want to do is tell you to come over here and fuck me as hard as you can.

hard3From H is for Hardcore
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