Peep Show

41VsCZY0zjL_SS500_It took me ages to come up with the idea for Peep Show. I had the first half of it – the idea of a voyeur first. I really liked that idea because you don’t see a lot of female voyeur characters and also because it meant I could write a lot of varied sex scenes and still keep the same viewpoint character. I also wanted to include lots of male/male sex (because I like that) and that fitted in well too. But I knew the novel needed more and I came up with lots of convoluted ideas before I hit on the one that made me happy. The idea that Imogen – the main character – uses her boyfriend Christian as a sort of surrogate so she can woo gay men.

This also gave me the extra dimension that I could make the novel primarily about two people who really, really love each other. A little while after I crafted the plot I realised it had echoes of Cyrano de Bergerac, although I have not seen the play I know roughly what the plot is about, and then, a while after that, I found out that the ‘surrogate’ character in Cyrano is also called Christian. Weird.

One of the things I like about Imogen is that I deliberately never described what she looks like. Occasionally she might tell you what she is wearing, but that’s about it. This is because she likes to watch and doesn’t really enjoy being under scrutiny herself. There are several moments in the book where we see this. Of course, I know from reading books myself that the tendency is to assume that the cover model is Imogen. Believe me, Imogen looks nothing like that.

A friend who read the book recently said, ‘I got the impression that Christian was really hot.’ That’s about right. But the thing is, knowing what Imogen is like, she would only really be with someone really hot. Right?

I love Lorne. The only tricky thing about her was deciding whether to give her female or male pronouns. Initially I used ‘he’ when talking about Lorne, but I was talked into changing to ‘she’ and now I can’t imagine Lorne as ‘he’. Lorne is a character that I really want to write about more in the future.

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I am seriously thinking about writing Peep Show II, although it would probably have to have a better title than that. I think it would focus on Imogen’s attempts to procure Dan for Mr Fox (I even have an idea how she might make that work), but I also want to write about how Imogen gets on with the promotion that she gets during Peep Show (although I’m not sure how many readers are panting to hear about that.)

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