What Witches Want – extract

My story in Love on the Dark SideWhat Witches Want – was especially exciting because it was the first ever outing for characters from my werewolf series.

So enjoy the first ever prose outing of powerful witch Lilith and werewolf hunter Blake. Characters who I hope will become very familiar as key figures in the world of The Silver Werewolves .


Lilith sighed. ‘The whole point of the operation tonight was to find a guy who didn’t know I was a witch, but not so I could trap him – just so I could have a good time.’

Blake frowned at her. ‘Don’t witches always have a good time?’

‘No! Why does no one get this? Look, when did you know I was a witch?’

‘About ten seconds after you started talking to me.’

‘And if I hadn’t been a witch would you have still come home with me?’

Blake looked a little puzzled by the question. ‘Of course.’

‘Are you sure? As soon as you knew I was a witch you knew you had to come home with me if I wanted you too, right?’

‘Um, well, I guess?’

‘Well, that’s the thing. I don’t want you to be here because you know I’m a witch. I want you to be here because you want to be.’

‘What? I swear I want to be here. I’m not trying to leave, am I?’

‘Yeah, in case I eviscerate you.’

‘I don’t think you’re going to… Uh, you’re not going to eviscerate me, are you?’

Lilith shrugged. Blake looked pale. Lilith said, ‘See, that’s the problem too. I can’t go two minutes without making you afraid of me and if you’re afraid of me you’re hardly going to put me over your knee and spank me, are you?’

Blake’s throat moved as he swallowed hard. ‘You want me to spank you? You’re a witch!’

Lilith sighed. There was something so appealing about this taut conundrum of a guy, who was wearing a suit that flowed over his body like it was in love with him and yet appeared not to have brushed his over-exuberant hair for a fortnight. ‘What do you do with the werewolves?’ she said. ‘Do you always kill them or do you ever capture them and keep them?’

‘Rarely. Well do sometimes I capture and keep them, but I’m not meant to. It’s not policy.’

‘What do you do with the ones you capture?’

Blake’s face went cold, like the shutters had come down. ‘Extract information.’

‘How do you do that?’

‘Various methods. And I know where you’re going with this, but they’re werewolves. Outside full moon they’re no more powerful that the average pissed off human. But it’s different with you, Miss Witch. One false move you’ll flay me.’

‘Oh, please try not to think like that,’ Lilith said. ‘So, do you tie them up?’


‘The werewolves.’

Blake narrowed his eyes. ‘Are you serious? You want me to tie you up?’

Lilith nodded vigorously.

‘But, what’d be the point? You’re a witch. It’s not like I could make you actually helpless. If that was what I wanted. If that wasn’t a ridiculously stupid thing to try and do. Even,’ he added with heavy emphasis, ‘if the witch claims she wants you to.’

Lilith wetted her lips. She’d seem a little chink then. A little bit of something that said he was warming to the idea. But it was only the tiniest thing. She knew she still had a long way to go. She sighed. ‘Well that’s just it, isn’t it? I want a man to be all, I don’t know, mannish with me and the minute he finds out I’m a witch…’

‘Well, okay, I rumbled you, but you won’t get so unlucky next time. Try again. Find someone else who doesn’t know how powerful really you are.’

Lilith stamped her foot. ‘I don’t want to try again. I chose you. I want you. I want you to overpower me and fuck me hard. Right now.’

‘Overpower…? What? Bend you over the table and rip your knickers down?’

‘Yes! Damnit, yes. Forget about my powers. We’ll pretend I don’t have them.’

Blake was breathing a little more heavily now. He was still standing in the middle of the room, squarely facing the sofa where Lilith sat. Lilith’s eyes flickered to his crotch.

‘But what if I get it wrong?’ Blake said, with every part of his voice sounding like resignation. ‘What if I bend you over and rip your knickers off and spank you and pull you hair and fuck you hard and one of those things is the wrong thing and you turn around and go all black-eyes and uber-powered and give me sodding small pox or something? Witches aren’t exactly known for their restraint…’

Extract II

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