NOVELLA: Under Her Skin

In the Black Lace novella collection Lust Bites

‘Okay, let me put things another way, did the idea of Darius Cole, a notorious powerful vampire, wanting you to come and spend time with him in his castle excite you? Did it arouse you? Did you think he planned to desecrate you?’

Merle felt the blood rise to her face. She tried to move away but there was nowhere to go. So she held his gaze and swallowed and said, ‘Yes.’


The only way that Merle Cobalt can save her father’s life is to spend 25 days living with renegade vampire Darius Cole. After the term is up she has been promised that she will be able to leave his castle of her own free will.

But vampires are known for their mind controlling powers. Merle knows that after twenty five days with Cole any concept she might have of ‘her own free will’ could be meaningless.


One Response “NOVELLA: Under Her Skin” →

  1. Leigh clark

    January 30, 2011

    i just purchased Lust bites only yesterday and OMG your book was the best i was soo exciting and the fact that she was conflicted about her feelings, i have to say urs was the best out of them x


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