BOOK 2: The Silver Crown

She’s tamed him but can he tame her?

Iris looked down at Alfie’s body. He was so damn big and so damn strong. He looked as if he was built of everything in the universe that could be hard and soft at the same time. ‘So, if you didn’t have the collar on, and we had sex, you would change?’

‘Yeah. Or possibly even sooner. Why are you asking?’

‘The collar comes off.’


Every full moon Iris kills werewolves. It’s what she’s good at. What she’s trained for. She’s never imagined doing anything else… until she falls in love with one. And being a professional werewolf hunter and dating a werewolf poses a serious conflict of interests.

To add to her problems a group of witches decide she is the chosen one – destined to save humanity from the wolves at the door – while her new boss, Blake, who just happens to be her ex-husband, is hell-bent on sabotaging her new relationship.

All Iris wants is to snuggle up with her alpha wolf and be left alone. He might turn into a monster once a month, but in a lot of ways, Iris does too.

Extract I
Extract II

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