Where to begin telling you about my world of werewolves, witchcraft, weirdness and wanking? Perhaps with a little jargon.

The Institute of Paraphysiology
A glossary of selected terms, jargon and classifications
Last Updated 19th October 2007 Blake Tabernacle, Senior Paraphysiologist
(*) indicates known lycan terms

Alpha – The leader of a group of werewolves
Ancient Beast – Powerful lycan believed to be one of the original werewolves
Cub – A werewolf infected by a particular wolf
Cub mater – A werewolf that attempts to turn humans into werewolves to gain sexual authority over them
Flip – To change from human to wolf, usually unexpectedly
Hound – Field term for a werewolf in wolf form
Line* – The werewolf hierarchy system
Lock Down – The controversial werewolf practise of trapping itself inside a cage, cell or room before full moon, to prevent it injuring others
Lone Wolf – A strong packless werewolf, usually an Ancient Beast
Lyc – A slang term for a werewolf. Taken from the formal classification system, Lyc-W1XX, Lyc-W2XX, Lyc-W1XY, Lyc-W2XY.
Lycan – A werewolf
Pack – A group of werewolves, who live and hunt together, usually linked by sire-cub bonds
Red – An Institute trained werewolf hunter
Sire – The wolf that infected a particular werewolf
Sniffers* – Humans turned on by lycanthropy
Stray – A young packless werewolf, usual a sire reject
Thrall* – The power a werewolf sire has over his cub
Vix* – Werewolf hunters
W1 – A werewolf in wolf form
W2 – A werewolf in human form
Weredog* – A werewolf that tries to do what humans want
Wolf close to the skin* – A werewolf with the ability to change into a wolf from minor or non-moonlight stimulus
WW – A werewolf
WXX – A female werewolf
WXY – A male werewolf

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Painting of Iris and Alfie by the wonderful Pluto.

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