BOOK 1: The Silver Collar

It was like a flash of an image. Subliminal. Iris saw – or thought she saw – just for a fraction of a second, not a wolf over her, pinning her, but a man. A man whose warm breath was sweet on her cheek. Whose body was toned and shaped like a secret fantasy. Whose face was flushed, rakish, handsome. Who was holding himself over her, supporting himself on big, pumped up forearms. Beautiful and shimmering with monstrousness.

A man she knew; recognised.


Eleven years ago a werewolf attack ripped Iris’s life apart.

Her twin brother Matthew was killed. Her boyfriend Alfie was infected. And Iris was changed forever.

Now Iris is a werewolf hunter. And Alfie is back in Oxford in need of her help. But Iris doesn’t help werewolves. She kills them.

Alfie desperately needs to find the Silver Collar. An ancient artefact that may help repair his fragmenting body. But Iris will only help Alfie on one condition: if he agrees to defy the rules of his kind and help her avenge Matthew’s death. Something Alfie just can’t do.

Alfie and Iris both think that what happened between them eleven years ago has destroyed the love and trust they had for each other forever. The Silver Collar shows them that they’re both wrong.

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Extract: One Werewolf, 27 Witches
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