NOVELLA: The Silver Chains

In the Black Lace novella collection: Possession

She leaned up over him and pulled down the chains. One cuff already attached to each of the bed posts. She smiled at Alfie as she lifted his right writs and began to fix it down. ‘It’s very easy to adjust the spell on them. Just a little elementary magical skill really.’ And in the time it took her to say that, she had both Alfie’s wrist secure. Utterly secure.

‘So they’ll change with me? They won’t come off?’ Alfie said. He was so overwhelmed. Need. Desire. Pure and brutal. He was still thrumming with it.

‘Not a chance, my beautiful wolf. I will be quite safe no matter how hard you fight. And I even have a muzzle that will twist when you do too. Those fangs won’t be coming out tonight. No matter how much I make you scream for me.’


Alfie Friday is an alpha werewolf with a problem. Sex makes him change into a vicious savage animal. He needs to find a way to protect his lovers. And there might be one woman on earth who knows how to control his body.

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