The Silver Cage Extract II

This was my final post on Lust Bites.

So, so long ago I started telling you about my Silver Werewolves Trilogy. And now, it all comes to an end. This week, the third and final book The Silver Cage was published in America. I’ve been though 6 publications dates with these books. (And that’s not including my novellas and short stories set in the same universe.)

So I apologise if this seems like one last extract and book cover too many, but bear with me.

In the last part of the trilogy Alfie and Iris are driven apart when Alfie is taken prisoner (along with wayward wolf cub Leon).

They are held in a dungeon by the uber-powerful Divine Wolf and her wicked witch partner Sabrina. At first the two of them are imprisoned together in a Silver Cage – with only one thing to do to pass the time. But the Divine soon puts a stop to that. Leon is taken from the cage and Alfie is handcuffed and left inside.

All Leon can do is watch as Alfie’s frustration grows…

Leon was looking at Alfie. He did that a lot. He didn’t know how long he’d been locked down here or what was going to happen to him. But looking at his sire helped. It made him feel safe.

Alfie was lying naked on his side. His cuffed wrists pulled up and twisted a little behind his back where the chain was twined around the bars of his cage.

In a rare lucid moment Alfie had wondered aloud why this set up. Why he was still in the cage and Leon outside it in the cellar room. Leon knew why. Firstly and most simply the cage was magical, worked like the collar, held Alfie’s form. The reason they weren’t both in the cage anymore was obvious – Alfie would thrall Leon into making him orgasm. Leon could see how tormented Alfie was by the constant frustration and teasing. The Divine clearly wanted to drive Alfie mad by not letting him climax. There was no way she’d let him and Leon go back to their earlier ways of comfort through rutting. But it was safe to keep Leon outside the cage while Alfie was locked up, because no matter how many times Alfie told him to run, there was no way Leon was going anywhere.

‘Sabrina,’ he said, rolling over.

She was standing in the doorway. She looked just the same as she had the last time he had seen her. Bare delicate feet, long brown legs, a stretchy tight white dress that seemed to make her look more naked. She smiled. Leon’s broken heart went heavy and tight in his chest.

The magic Sabrina had used once to temporarily break his thrall to Alfie and make him loyal to her was still there – somewhere inside him – pushing its way to the fore again now he was in a room with her. Looking at her seemed to activate it.

‘How are you, Leon?’ Sabrina said. She threw a single wary glance at Alfie. Leon didn’t get up, he let her approach him and drop into a crouch. She covered his body with hers and kissed him.

All Leon could think about was how Sabrina was so beautiful.

She ran her fingers through his long blond hair, melting away the tangles that had matted their way into it while he had been locked up. Every morning, while The Divine bathed and tormented Alfie, she gave Leon a bowl of water to wash with, but it was barely adequate. However, Sabrina, as she touched him, seemed to cleanse him. The grime and sweat of weeks of captivity seemed to melt away.

Leon let his gaze wander to Alfie, who was watching them from the cage.

Sabrina’s hands had come to rest on the fastening of his jeans. She reached down and turned his chin, making him face her again. ‘There’s something different about you, Leon,’ she whispered. ‘You used to be blind to anyone but me when we were together. Let me remind you.’

Sabrina bent back over his crotch and popped open his fly, his erection sprung out, but Leon didn’t know whether he was hard from Sabrina’s petting or in that way he often got from idly gazing at Alfie, naked and frustrated in the cage.

Sabrina leaned closer still and took Leon’s cock into her mouth. Down and down into her throat.

‘Oh god,’ Leon moaned, almost shocked at the raw ridiculous pleasure of it.

Sabrina laughed and those vibrations flowed into his cock and seemed to spiral out through his whole body. The pleasure was intense. Too much. Every hair on his body stood on end. His nipples were pinched taut. Sabrina let her mouth work his cock a few more times then pulled free. She worked it with a tight fist. Then she whispered. ‘Stand up, werewolf. See me.’

Leon obeyed her. He got shakily to his feet, his body still buzzing, overcome with almost debilitating arousal.

‘Touch it,’ Sabrina whispered. ‘Touch yourself.’

Leon took his cock in his hand and brought himself to the rising edge of his orgasm, fast and sudden. He stroked again. Nothing. The sensation suddenly gone.

He looked at Sabrina. She smiled.

‘Witch,’ said Leon, frantically working his cock and suddenly feeling nothing. ‘What did you do.’

‘Very little, actually. You’ve been wondering, haven’t you? How it feels for him. For your sire. Your heart is breaking for his suffering.’

‘No,’ said Leon sharply.

‘He has your pleasure, Leon?’

‘What?’ Leon turned his head and looked at Alfie. His eyes were closed or almost closer. He looked peaceful and pleasured.

‘Touch it,’ Sabrina whispered.

Leon stroked his cock. He felt nothing, but in the cage Alfie moaned and bucked, thrusting his groin into the empty air.

‘Just as you wished. I know you’ve been taunting him, making him watch you. And I also know, that deep down, your only wish was that you could give that pleasure to him.’

‘No.’ Leon shook his head. ‘That’s rubbish.’

Sabrina smiled. ‘This spell doesn’t work like that Leon. I made a magic to give you the sexual experience you most desired. And, it would seem, what you most desire is for your sire to have your pleasure.’

‘No, no.’ Leon shook his head hard.

‘So you don’t want him to feel you come?’ Sabrina said, getting to her feet.

‘I… I…’ Leon was shaking his head.

Sabrina moved closer. Leon was backed up against the stone wall. Sabrina’s long cool fingers closed around his cock. ‘Well?’ she whispered. ‘The Divine won’t know. It won’t affect her potion. He won’t actually come. Just feel it when you do.’ Her fist was tight, moving on Leon’s cock.

Leon bucked and gasped, squirming, his back against the wall – but he felt no pleasure from what she was doing. He looked at Alfie. He knew that look on his sire’s face – the pleasure was clearly all his.

‘If you wanted to enjoy it yourself, you would,’ Sabrina whispered, and her voice was harsh and bitter.

Leon moaned and felt himself ejaculate. He looked at Alfie, writhing as Leon came.

After a second Sabrina brought her semen smeared fingers up to Leon’s lips and shoved them into his mouth. As he cleaned her up she muttered, ‘So, werewolf, who’s your daddy?’

And my blog is where I’ll be from now on as I’m taking a break from Lust Bites. I’ve had a wonderful time here and I’ll miss it like crazy but I know I’m leaving it in the most capable of hands. And of course I’ll be popping up in the comments from time to time.

Best wishes

Mat x

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Bye Bye!

(P.S. Growl if you love werewolves!)

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