The Silver Cage Extract I

That cover image looks kind of familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen him before. In a back pain ad. And my hero Alfie who after strutting around like a rakish man-slut for two books now spends this last one having a truly miserable time. And from something far worse than the awful bout of back pain he’s having on the cover.

Publishing is a funny business – but never funnier than when you have to write the teaser extract for the back cover before you have written a word of the book. But somehow I got an image of Alfie chained up in a cage with one of his hands broken and his relentlessly miserable whole-book-spent-in-a-cage went from there.

It was Madelynne Ellis who suggested that Alfie and his wayward, stroppy, wolf cub Leon should get tied together. And so it came to pass in this extract where both my alpha werewolves are being held prisoner by the powerful female werewolf The Divine and wicked witch Sabrina

Alfie’s wrists were still cuffed behind his back. His cock and nipples were both hard. Hot and tight. He wasn’t sure why. When The Divine had Leon trussed she used Alfie to make him stand up. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I had thought that there was no need to confine you. I thought your loyalty would keep you close to your sire. Obviously that is not the case.’

‘Why should I stay here with him,’ Leon snarled, low. ‘He doesn’t care about me.’

‘I thought you were proud of what a true wolf you were, Leon,’ said Sabrina, pushing away from the wall she was leaning on it and coming close. ‘That’s how it works. He doesn’t care about you – but you care about nothing but him. Even my magic hold over you just isn’t strong enough to fight the way you feel about him. It’s more than just thrall isn’t it, Leon. Does he know?’

And the way Sabrina was smiling. Alfie knew. Knew she knew.

‘Fuck off,’ Leon said.

‘He’s in love with me,’ Alfie said slowly. ‘And yes, I know.’

‘Tell him to come into the cage, Alfie,’ said The Divine. ‘Tell him to come into the cage and lie with you.’

Leon’s eyes went saucer-wide.

Alfie told Leon what to do and he did it.

As Leon’s body shifted in the straw next to Alfie’s, Alfie saw the fear in Leon’s eyes.

The Divine came up close behind them. ‘Well,’ she muttered as she started to tie Leon’s ankles to Alfie’s, ‘it would seem you are right, Sab. This one is already hard for his sire. And he’s disgusted by it.’ She reached up and chucked Leon under the chin. He tried hopelessly to turn away. ‘You’re disgusted by your own desire, aren’t you cub?’

Leon said nothing. He didn’t meet Alfie’s eye as The Divine then bound them at the knees. She wound more rope around their chests. Leon was a little shorter than Alfie. Only a little. Alfie tried to look into Leon’s eyes. He tried to show him something from his sire that would be soothing.

Behind The Divine, Sabrina was laughing. ‘Make sure their cocks are close together. Let that pup show his sire how he really feels. It’s the only way my magic wouldn’t have held him. Filthy cub in love with his wolf-daddy.’

Leon snarled and struggled, but that just made his crotch rub against Alfie’s. Alfie could see it in his eyes – he was trying so desperately not to get any harder.

Alfie looked past him at The Divine. ‘Move against him,’ she said. Alfie pumped his hips.

Leon’s cock was obvious. Hard and heavy. Grinding against Alfie’s which was already still hard from waking. There was a single layer of denim between then. Leon’s jeans. Alfie was still – as always – naked.

‘So what now?’ The Divine said. She was looking at Sabrina.

‘Oh, let’s just leave them like that a while. Nice lesson for that pup to give him no choice but to let his sire know just how he feels.’

The Divine said, ‘Sounds good to me. And we need to talk anyway. We have things to plan.’

The two women left the cellar, without a backward glance.

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