Paranormal Erotica and Urban Fantasy



The Silver Werewolf Trilogy by Mathilde Madden is a series of paranormal erotic romance novels from Black Lace’s newish paranormal sub-imprint.

The books are set in Oxford and revolve around werewolf hunter Iris and her old boyfriend Alfie who is a werewolf.

The reading order for the books is

1. The Silver Collar
2. The Silver Crown
3. The Silver Cage

Alfie and his pack Leon, Misty and Zac also feature in the novella The Silver Chains which is one of three novellas in Possession a shapeshifter themes novella collection.

More about the characters

My novella, Under Her Skin, in Lust Bites – a vampire themed collection – is set in the same universe as the Silver Werewolf books

A short story, What Witches Want, featuring Blake and Lilith is included in the paranormal short story collection Love on the Dark Side.

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  1. Mathilde, as a fellow member of Lust Bites, and a fellow writer of erotica, although not, strictly speaking, as a fellow, I salute you.

    I did not care for werewolves, until now. Now I care. I want this trilogy, I want it so much I will PAY to own it.

    Kudos to you, Ms Madden. The publication of the first of the three, in the UK, today, is a triumph for you and thus a triumph for Lust Bites. Brava!

  2. 🙂

  3. haha hey my name is in these books!!! love these books heaps ^,..,^ good job 🙂

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