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Posted on January 27, 2010


New Layout means new layout post… but of course.

Oh, and news. I wrote some things for The Guardian: exciting for me, exciting for you. Check out the articles page for links and more (well, not really more).

I’m embroiled in talks and coffee and snark for four exciting projects. One is at the proposal writing stage and will involve working with 2 awesome writers. One is just knocking around but is such a great idea and will involve working with a great writer I’ve never worked with before. The other 2 are solo. One is a new blogging project that I just need to kick myself up the arse and get on with and the other is a new novel that I am getting on with, but slowly, as ever. 

Meanwhile, as all of that is infuritatingly cagey, here is something I am doing: I’ll be appearing as part of a panel of paranormal erotica writers at the World Horror Convention 2010. W00t! Exclusively, because we only finished hammering it out last night, here’s the blurb

It’s not just fear that makes the heart pound. Four of the UK’s best known erotica authors are set to spice up the night with their sexy, scary fiction. Janine Ashbless, Olivia Knight, Kristina Lloyd and Mathilde Madden are responsible for some of the bestselling and most groundbreaking titles from Black Lace Books (erotica for women by women). Reading spellbinding extracts that blend dark fantasy, urban paranormal and gothic chills with down and dirty sex, these authors promise goosebumps and more.

You can book for the con here. And, you know, you so totally should.

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