Posted on October 1, 2008


Lately economising has been in style. Staying at home knitting is the new hanging out of cocktails bars. Make do and mend is in vogue. Needlework, home cooking, domestic arts of all sorts are getting more and more popular.

Actually this has been around for a while. The domestic goddess has been on the rise for some time. But the twin pressures from the enviroment and the economy seem to have made this cross between fifties housewife glamour and purtianism feel far more relevant than mere nostaglia.

I have a soft sticky sopt for all these things. I love to knit and sew, but I am quite bad at them, so I welcome the move from glamour as the driving force to utility. Last night a started a jumper, despite my usual tendancy to stick with scaves and shawls and other things that avoid the dreaded making-up. The ice cream colours I have chosen, the cotton yarn and the sleeveless pattern should be clues as to how long I feel this effort may take me.

I also feel drawn, almost hopelessly to this. I also want to make a crumble, put on a jumper when it gets cold instead of the heating and peruse Sainsburys Basics range

And this mood, I swear, has nothing to do with my last royalty cheque. Which was so small I am thinking of seeing if it will collide with another tiny royalty cheque at high speed and unlock the secrets of the universe.

PS I hate to ask, but The Silver Collar is languishing on Amazon US since it got a one star review. One star! If you are American – or buy from US Amazon and feel The Silver Collar is worth more than that, perhaps you could rush to the rescue.