Only I Can Give You Tiemcock

Posted on September 9, 2008


As what happened to prompt the last posts seems to have started me using this blog like a blog – I shall now carry on

A while ago I gave a talk at the London Literary Fesitval about my work. (No, really – I did.) And one of the speakers introduced me to the concept of Tiemcock. And also to the concept of Doctor Who Cat Macros.

She showed this series – the original Doctor Who Cat Macros thingie and a work of fine genius. (If you click one link today – click this one)

And then since I can has internetz I went looking for more. Oh, the fun I’ve had. Oh, the work I haven’t done.

The main live journal community is ihasatardis. The main trouble with is that unlike usual LOLcats blogs they put each macro behind a cut. And the macros are hit or miss. But when they hit, they hit! So prepare to waste your days.