How not to rush to the rescue

Posted on April 4, 2008


I’m over on Lust Bites today making my last post. It’s an excerpt from The Silver Cage – the final book of The Silver Werewolves trilogy. In that excerpt we see what is happening to Alfie and Leon while they are imprisoned by The Divine Wolf.

Iris is of course rushing to rescue her furry Fido. Or she mostly is. She can’t help getting a little distracted here and there. Mostly by her memories


One night on a full moon sweep not far from here. They’d left Jude burying a hound’s body and chased another out into open country. Panting and screaming with exertion they’d eventually had to let it go.

They’d both thrown themselves on the ground to try and get their breath. And then Blake had been on top of her, flushed as sweat-sticky as she was.

‘It’s when you’re like this,’ he’d said through ragged breaths, ‘nothing in your mind but how much you want to kill, that I most want to be inside you. Feel that dirty heat and hate.’

Iris didn’t reply. She knew the lust burning into her from his eyes was reflected right back. She pulled her dark red combat fatigues down and shifted, opening her legs under Blake’s hard narrow hips.

Iris had moaned, thrust her hips up onto him, bringing him deeper, harder, home. She’d arched her back and rolled her head – showing her neck to him – and he’d dipped. He pushed his head into the well, pressed his tongue to her skin in the almost pitch dark and then pulled back, startled, ‘Fuck!’


‘Iris, you’re bleeding. Your neck.’

‘What? Well it must just be from the fight.’ Earlier that evening the hound Jude was now burying had sprung from the trees and slammed into Iris’s from behind, flooring her.

Blake was still inside Iris, He swirled his hips making her moan. ‘Claws or jaws, Iris?’ And then with a smooth soft motion, he drew his silver gun from his shoulder holster and held it to Iris’s temple.

Iris felt a vicious rush of fear like a shock wave. Her eyes were tight on Blake’s. The two of them had played all sorts of games with guns since then, put this had been the very first time Blake had held a gun to her head. It felt strangely normal.

‘Claws or jaws?’ Blake said again, fucking her now, harder than ever inside her.

Iris couldn’t speak. All she could feel was the gun on the side of her head and Blake’s cock inside her. Both steel-hard, invading. Blake came with a cry and then pushed his face back into the wound at her neck, slipping one hand between her legs and stroking her clit, keeping the gun tight in place with the other. After Iris had come he’d said, ‘Okay, I have some kit at Tobias’s his house that can test for lyc saliva in your wound. You’re not going to run, are you?’

‘Why would I run?’ Iris had said, staring up at his wild, hard face.

‘Because if it turns out that lyc bit you, I’ll have to shoot you.’


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