Posted on April 1, 2008


Yes, ouch! I mean really. There’s getting a bad review and there’s getting review of a novella collection you are in that specifically points out that you are bad and the other two stories are good.

I was expecting a challenging and enjoyable reading experience, and for the most part, I was not disappointed.

(Emphasis mine) and that ‘most part’ mention goes on to become rather painful when she gives the wonderful Anne Tourney and Madelynne Ellis *glowing* reviews for their contributions: ‘I loved this story’, ‘magnificent contribution’. (Anne and Madelynne are both good friends of mine and both their stories in this collection are completely wonderful and deserving of the praise they get here.)

But for me, well, the tone is rather different.

I found this tale amusing but a bit incoherent. There’s no real plot arc, just a series of episodes, many of which involve pleasurable but not particularly meaningful sex.

Though this tale revolves around creatures of the night, I searched in vain for any serious darkness.

Would it be unprofessional and Anne Rice like to argue back here. Point out that paranormal stories don’t *need* to be heavy on the dark. Anyone who has read any of my Silver Werewolves will know I try to keep things firmly in the real world. (And would it seem like sour grapes if I pointed and laughed at the phrase ‘creatures of the night‘?)

God, I’m not sure why I’m wallowing in this on my supposedly “promotional” blog. Except that this same reviewer savaged Equal Opportunities a while back (could she have a problem with *me* – you have to wonder?), and that book ended up doing rather well for me. Up to and including winning me one of the most prestigious prizes for erotica and getting amazing reviews from – among others – sex and disability groups.

So I am now waiting for an award for this story as a mauling from Lisabet Sarai seems to be my lucky charm!