Lust Bites II

Posted on March 27, 2008


So Black Lace is doing a collection of vampire erotica called Lust Bites II. My vampire novella Under her Skin – set in The Silver Werewolves world – features in the original Lust Bites (don’t get that confused with Lust Bites the Black Lace author blog – that’s far more bloodsucking crazy!)

But despite that story, I don’t really write vampires. Vampires feature in my world but I write werewolves. Alfie! Leon! Werewolves! Okay, so Darius Cole might be rather lovely, but I do I really have another vampire story in me?

Maybe if Blake turns vampire hunter.

But why would he? That is so not his thing. Someone would have to persuade him. And I can only think of one person who’d persuade Blake anything…