US Release of Book 2 – The Silver Crown

Posted on February 5, 2008


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Here’s a little snippet of The Silver Crown, where Iris, Alfie and Blake get themselves trapped in a cellar.

Iris stood up fast and ran – insofar as it was possible to run in such a small space – at Blake. She really didn’t know if she was fuelled by lust or anger. Passion, perhaps. At this moment she was willing to give Alfie anything he wanted. Alfie’s forfeit. Even if what Alfie wanted was something as down and dirty as an accurate demonstration of how it was between her and Blake.

She twisted before impact and hit Blake with her shoulder, sending him back against the wall. She still didn’t know, even then, whether she was doing this out of anger or as an agreeable overture, but the next thing she knew, Blake was on the floor and she was on sitting on top of him, straddling his pelvis.

Iris looked down at him. She cocked her head. ‘Sometimes,’ she said, ‘I really don’t know what I ever saw in you.’

Blake shrugged. ‘Nor do I, really.’

Iris slipped down, let her body run along Blake’s until she was almost lying flat on top of him, she brought her face close to his and kissed him quite gently. It only felt weird for a second. ‘I’m actually sorry you’re going to die, Blake. I always thought you’d be the one that got away. Once Jude went I thought I’d be next. I thought you’d be the boy who lived.’

Blake laughed. He reached up and grabbed a handful of Iris’s hair, twisting his fingers tight. Then he flexed his hips and practically flipped his whole body up off the floor in a move Iris had no idea he could do. He turned the two of them over – almost in mid-air – and had Iris on her back on the floor.

He grinned down at her. ‘Don’t lose your edge now, Iris. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go mistaking me for one of the good guys.’

Iris fought back. But Blake was so damn strong. He pinned her wrists in one hand – a move that always seemed natural with Alfie, but with the smaller more compact Blake it seemed wrong that she couldn’t break his iron grip on both wrists at once.

Iris didn’t have the same physical power Blake had. She had enough moves and balance tricks that his superior strength was hardly ever much of an advantage. But in a situation like this – when it was all about his grip and whether or not Iris could break it – Iris was looking like she didn’t have an escape route. Almost.

As she struggled Blake moved closer and licked her face. ‘Come on, baby,’ he whispered, ‘have you run out of moves already.’

Iris never ran out of moves. But in this situation she only had one. And she knew Blake would probably be anticipating it – but, really, that might not matter at all. She knew she couldn’t get her knee up hard enough or fast enough to be really debilitating, but a tap might be enough. She let her eyes flick to Alfie, slumped against the far wall watching them like he was watching TV. She looked at his crotch, wondering if he was hard. Then, when Blake let his gaze follow hers, she struck. She brought her knee up between their bodies and twisted it in Blake’s crotch. It was enough. Blake’s hand on her wrists loosened enough for her to pull free. She pushed down on Blake’s shoulders and scrambled wildly against the cellar floor, sliding her whole body out from under him. Then she sprang to her feet and got one foot on his chest as he rolled over. Iris wasn’t heavy, but she knew where to put her weight to crush the air out of him.

Iris was still smiling down into Blake’s face when she heard Alfie coming up behind her.

‘You want me to help you out there,’ he said to Blake, practically laughing.

‘I’m fine,’ Blake gasped and then Iris slid her boot up his chest and squeezed Blake’s neck. ‘Oh god, Iris,’ he gasped.

‘I’ll say it again,’ said Alfie, ‘you want some help there? You want me to tame her for you? You see that’s the difference between you and me, Blake. You can only best her – what? – about half the time. It’s not enough. A woman like Iris, she needs to be with someone who she knows can take her down every single time.’

Alfie took hold of Iris as he spoke, pulling her off Blake and twisting her around, rushing her across the room with her feet off the floor and slamming her up against the far wall. He drove his hot mouth onto hers. This was showtime. This was about demonstrating to Blake how he could take Iris apart. Iris was helpless in his arms, knowing she wasn’t going to have any choice in the matter.

He ripped her shirt open, covered her breasts with his hot damp breath. Licked her and bit her. Made her roll her head against the cellar wall. He used his fingers on her desperate nipples while he used his teeth to tease her jawline, working her three most desperate points at once. Turning her inside out. Turning into his property. When she started to collapse, to slide down the wall, his big thigh was between her legs to support her. He took her onto it, grinding once or twice into her hot twitching cunt and then helped her float to the floor.

He got between her legs, got her trousers off, got close. He slipped his wolf tongue inside her and Iris wasn’t even in the room anymore.

But then she felt and heard something that brought her back. Alfie lifted his head and then said, ‘Come on then. Come on, Blake.’

Then Alfie’s mouth was back covering her pussy. Hot and wet and too, too much. Her clit was so sensitive. She squirmed and cried out. But he held her thighs tight and said, ‘Come on, baby. I want you to come for me, right now.’

Iris shook her head no. ‘Too, uh, too soon.’

Alfie drew his tongue lightly across her ultra-sensitive clit again, pitching it just right. Just the tiniest fraction over the edge of too-much that made her feel helpless and out of control. Alfie was choosing whether she came or not. She didn’t have a say. Alfie whispered, ‘This is just the first one, baby.’ And he touched her clit again. Twisted his tongue. And her world exploded into pleasure…

…Hands were on her. Mostly Alfie’s but Blake too. She was on all fours. Alfie was behind her. His cock sliding inside her and making her ache and burn while she was still super sensitised. Blake was in front of her, one hand in her hair and the other jerking himself in front of her face. He brought her mouth to his cock and when she opened up and took it inside she thought this might be enough to make her come again. Just this. Just the fact she had Blake and Alfie inside her at once. Not the fact that it was a deep dark fantasy fulfilled, so much as it was so twisted and never-ever and forbidden.

She felt Alfie’s thumb glide over her oiled clit in a move so familiar it made her ache and want to cry out. Again. And then she was coming for the second time. Bigger than before – like the second ones often are. Arching over everything. Her arms gave way and her mouth lost contact with Blake’s cock as she collapsed onto the floor.

Alfie’s thumb was still on her clit as he withdrew. He moved it once and she screamed out. Too much. Alfie rolled her onto her back and replaced his thumb with his mouth again. Light hot breaths. Super-soft nothing-touch. Iris writhed. Blake moved in and kissed her.

Alfie’s tongue wasn’t on her clit anymore. Which was beyond sensitive – now just a throbbing sparkling piece of flesh so taut and hot if felt like a shard of glass. Alfie’s tongue was lower down, feeling almost as thick and satisfying as his cock as it plunged into her. Having Blake and Alfie’s tongues both inside her at once was possibly more overwhelming than having both their cocks. She wasn’t really kissing Blake back. Not really capable. More just writhing and moving underneath him as he thrust into her mouth.

Not long after that, she started to lose track. Alfie made her come at least once more with his tongue before he entered her again. Blake was lying next to her, kissing her and rolling her nipples with his fingers. He licked her ear. They swapped around. Blake licked her and fucked her. Alfie filled her mouth with his fingers, then his tongue, then his cock.

There had been many times in their relationship when Alfie had delighted in torturing Iris by making her wait. Teasing her to the very edge of her orgasm over and over, holding her there forever, on the edge of space – but this was different. This was like sensory overload. Too, too much. She didn’t feel like she was capable of coming again. But as Alfie moved inside her and used his fingers between their bodies to tantalise her, and again, she didn’t feel like she had a choice.

She whispered, ‘This is like torture.’

Blake laughed. A typically dark laugh that seemed to mean that she was right. She came again with Alfie’s fingers on her clit and Alfie’s cock inside her and Blake pinching both her nipples hard…

…When she opened her eyes again, Alfie was over her. Still inside her. Close to his own orgasm. He leant down and kissed her. He tasted of her, wet and dry all over his face. Blake was kneeling up behind Iris’s head, holding her by her hair. As Alfie thrust again, Blake leaned forward, caught the back of Alfie’s head and found Alfie’s mouth with his own, kissing him as he came inside Iris. Iris caught her breath as the image swum before her exhausted eyes.