Leon’s baddest moment

Posted on January 25, 2008


I’m on Lust Bites today blogging about the UK release of the final book in my Silver Werewolves Trilogy (US link)– The Silver Cage (US link).

My smut writing buddy Madelynne Ellis happened to mention that her favourite character in the books is the strutting alpha-and-then-some broken-up bad boy, Leon. So I though Leon should get some focus over on this blog too.

So just for Madelynne and ever one else who loves werewolf anti-heroes here is a scene from The Silver Cage where Leon bumps into the heroine of all three book, pragmatic, hard-boiled Iris. And the two of them realise they both love the same man.


Leon threw Iris down on the floor of the cabin and leapt on top of her, pinning her down. She looked up at him, a little stunned. ‘What are you playing at Leon? Didn’t you just escape from us an hour ago? I thought wolves were meant to be experts at running away.’

It was dark in the cabin. The gas lamp that had lit the place before was out now. Iris had been holding her torch when Leon grabbed her. She still was. It cast a single beam across the floor. Leon’s face was just bone highlights. Lit from below.

‘If you’re trying to imply wolves are cowards save your breath. I know what wolves are. I know what I am. I don’t need to listen to Vix crap.’

‘Well I’m a Vix, Leon, as you know very well, so all I can talk is Vix crap.’ Iris rolled her eyes, although it was almost certainly lost in the dark, ‘What the hell do you want with me, Leon?’

Leon cocked his head on one side and looked at her for a long moment that was all uncanny and animal. He was in the same position as Blake had been, straddling her across the top of her thighs. ‘Wanted to talk to you, didn’t I? I’m not an idiot. I knew you’d track me. I was waiting for you in that cabin. Just didn’t expect you to turn up with a, oh god, I just remembered, with a vamp. A corpse. Please tell me you’re not fucking him.’

‘Why the hell would you care…?’

‘You’re right. I don’t. Except that it’s totally gross. You know he’s dead don’t you? A magically animated corpse. Vamps are zombies, basically. They just make better conversationalists. He reeks. He’s rotting.’

‘He smells fine to me.’

‘That’s because you’re human, Vixy. Vamps rot slowly, but they still rot. The smell of him’ll make you puke. In the end.’

‘Did you want anything specific, Leon? Or just warning me against trying for happily ever after with a vamp.’

‘Why are you alive? Why did he let you stay alive? Why have any of us-‘ Leon lowered his face to hers ‘-let you live?’

Iris shrugged. ‘There’s this prophecy thing. Don’t blame yourself. I have a destiny.’

‘Yeah, whatever,’ said Leon and from somewhere behind him he raised Iris’s crossbow.

Iris didn’t even know he had it, thought she must have lost it in the dark outside. Suddenly there was the cool tip of a silver bolt against her forehead and she realised different. ‘This is about Alfie, isn’t it?’

‘Alfie,’ said Leon slowly. ‘Do you miss him?’

‘It’s only been a few weeks,’ Iris said, and then, before she’d finished saying that, she said, ‘Yes.’ And her throat was full of a dull thick ache.

‘I’m in love with him,’ Leon said lightly, ‘that used to be my biggest secret, but right now I don’t care who knows. She tried to punish me for it. Sabrina. Punish me for not being able to break my thrall again. I couldn’t. I could never betray him again. Not after we’d been together. Not after we’d fucked.’

‘What? You and Alfie. When did that…? What?’

‘In the caverns while The Silver Crown had us imprisoned. Of course, you wouldn’t know. He never got that chance to talk to you about it. About how much he loved fucking me.’

Iris shook her head. ‘What?’ She looked at Leon. He was still threatening her with a crossbow, but somehow he looked mellow. ‘Well, he was never very good at being faithful.’

‘Especially not now,’ Leon said and his expression softened even further. Iris felt as if any minute he might crack open a tub of ice cream and they could both settle back and talk about what a faithless bastard Alfie Friday was.

A tear slid down Iris’s cheek. She knew exactly what Leon was talking about. Leon lowered the crossbow and kissed her.

Her mind was loose and empty. It felt like every time she started to pine for Alfie another man moved in to confuse and comfort her. But this was the most surprising yet.

Leon. What the fuck? As she felt her mouth opening up to his, Iris’s mind was full of Alfie. Alfie and Leon, that was so arousing. She remembered being locked in the pack house cellar with Blake and Alfie, that moment, after they had both fucked her to near unconsciousness, where she had seen them kiss each other. Her pussy throbbed hard at the memory.

And then she thought of Alfie’s big hard body and Blake’s tight wiry muscular one. She thought about something that had never happened. She thought about Alfie fucking Blake. Alfie’s big hands, his thick fingers, moving over the sharp angles of Blake’s body. Turning him over. Thrusting inside him. Blake softening like that. Blake being used and invaded. Liking it.

Leon moved his mouth. He licked Iris’s cheek and then bit her chin. It shattered the fantasy. Iris was suddenly aware of what this was. Who it was. ‘Alfie fucked you?’ she gasped – still bleary, confused by it.

‘Yeah. How do you think we spent the time?’

‘I thought he was thralled to The Divine?’

‘Yeah, well, she liked that at first. Let him. Then he changed. Now she has him in these spelled irons. He can’t touch himself. She comes in and touches him, but doesn’t let him come. She wants to build up his jizz for something. I don’t know…’ Leon was breathing heavily as he spoke, clearly turned on by the memories. Memories of seeing Alfie turned on, close to orgasm. Iris knew how hot that was. His big body arching, going taught. His nipples hard. His mouth open. ‘Just before I escaped. That was the last time he fucked me. God, he’s a vicious fuck. Hard, isn’t he? Nasty with it.’

Leon found Iris’s cunt through her trousers and stroked the seam of fabric that covered the seam of her.

Iris pressed herself into his touch. Thinking of Alfie. The way Alfie liked to fuck. Hard. Animal. Wolf inside. She was sure he would have been even rougher with Leon.

She thought of their two snarling mouths. Alfie. Leon. Savage. Kissing for dominance. She was bucking in Leon’s hands now. ‘What did he do?’ she whispered.

‘He fucked me. Then he took my cock down his throat. God, he’s so good. He’s defined by sex. After him, what is there? What can there ever be?’

Iris moaned. ‘He fucks so hard. Like he can’t help but fuck hard. He just so big. Big. Bad. Wolf. Each of his fingers inside me feels like an entire cock. I like his hands in me. In my cunt. In my mouth.’

Leon rolled off Iris and she moved on top of him, kissing his chest. Leon was moaning, ‘When he pushed up into me… God. He was like a lost part of me. I wanted him so much. For so long. I waited…’

Iris was on the brink of tears. She licked at one of Leon’s nipples. ‘He came inside you?’ she said.

Leon met her eyes – his own gold-tinged ones were glittering a kind of understanding. ‘You want to see if you can still taste him?’

Iris nodded. Leon rolled over.

She got his jeans and underwear down, battling against them, clumsy with lust. Eager, frantic, she ran her tongue over the curve and the line of Leon’s arse. Moving along, and down, and dipping inside. She twisted her tongue against the tight little ring of his anus. He moaned with pleasure and her mind was full of Alfie fucking him. She forced her tongue inside.

He tasted like darkness and moss. Iris’s torch had gone out now. But the sky outside was navy blue not black. Dawn was coming. She didn’t know if she imagined it or not, but suddenly, in that magical space, not night, not day, she felt him. Alfie. The scent of him all over her as she pushed her tongue into Leon.

But he wasn’t here. Iris was crying. It was too much. Everything was splintering – falling apart. Alfie had told her once that after she had rejected him he had tried to fuck her out of his system. Now she felt like she was doing the same. Except – just as Alfie had claimed had happened with him – every fuck just reminded her how much she missed him. After a few moments she moved off Leon and got onto her knees, supporting herself on the side of the bed. ‘Fuck me now, Alfie,’ she whispered.

Leon climbed up and moved over her, covering her back with his body. He was fucking her before she even thought it. Not Alfie. Leon. And then he was at her ear. Nasty. ‘You’re never going to see him again though, bitch,’ he snarled.

‘Tell me where he is, Leon,’ Iris sobbed, her voice muffling as she buried her head down in the bedclothes.

‘You’re never going to see him again. He’s my sire. You’re nothing. Nothing. He never loved you like he loved me. Wolves are for wolves. Everyone knows that. You were there when the Beast got him. If you were even worthy he’d have taken you then. If the Beast had bitten you that night think how different it would have all been. The two of you could have headed up a pack. But you weren’t bit. You’re not a wolf. Not worthy.’ Leon grunted, thrust hard and came.

Iris didn’t know where she was for a second. Then there was Leon. She could feel him now. His body over her, smaller, tighter than Alfie’s. How could she have ever fooled herself?

He was still panting.

Almost everything Iris knew about fighting was about finding the gaps. The perfect space to attack.

The off-guard moment.

She rolled around underneath him and punched him hard in the face. He went back and hit his head on the floor.

And then he didn’t move.


Oh and before I go, book one The Silver Collar (US link) has got a great review in the current issue of Scarlet Magazine saying, ‘Mathilde Madden has struck gold once again – or should that be silver?