Silver Tongues

Posted on November 25, 2007


The Silver Collar is out on Tuesday in the US, so this seems like a good time to boast about the exciting reviews I’ve been having.

Smutty UK mag Forum took a break from titty girls to say this:

Iris is a kick-ass werewolf hunter and member of the ‘Vix’, a team of specially trained supernatural lycanthrope killers. After witnessing her twin brother’s death at the hands of an enormous alpha werewolf 11 years previously, her sole pursuit in life is tracking down and extinguishing every last wolf until she finds ‘the beast’ and avenges his death (…)

But her quest is not an easy one because the night her brother was killed her boyfriend Alfie was alos attacked but managed to escape, thus turning him into one of the beasts she seeks to kill. Iris banished Alfie from Oxford (…), but one dark night she finds herself faced with a very familiar wolf (…)

Alfie has started to struggle with his shape-shifting form and makes unexpected changes when the moon isn’t full, which is compounded by the fact that orgasms trigger off transformations and he’s horny was hell (…)He’s back in town in search of the silver collar, which will prevent him from turning, but it’s currently in the possession of Blake, Iris’s slightly eccentric estranged husband and fellow werewolf hunter (…)

Iris is torn between her job, her mission to destroy the beast and her magnetic attraction to the man she’s always loved. With just the right measure of action, thrills and steamy sex The Silver Collar is grippingly clever original and funny too, making it an un-put-down-able read.

Meanwhile Ashely Lister over at the Erotica Readers Association, had this to say:

The Silver Collar is an erotic romance. Granted, the presence of werewolves within the narrative means it’s a supernatural erotic romance but this story puts the super in supernatural and the focus is very keenly set on the erotic romance of the story.

The prologue opens eleven years ago, with a young Iris attendant on a risqué outdoor photo shoot with her brother and boyfriend. Disquietingly, there’s a full moon. But Iris, her brother Matt and boyfriend Alfie, are all untroubled by this element. Matt’s main worries revolve around the “classy” photographs he wants of a near-naked Alfie. Alfie is struggling to win Iris’s affections. And Iris is lustily looking forward to seeing Alfie in some of the raunchier poses her brother has planned for the evening.

The evening ends badly. Matt loses his life. Alfie loses his humanity. And Iris loses a brother and a boyfriend. There are only two good things to come out of the evening: Iris gains a vocation as a werewolf hunter, and we get the opening prologue for a sensational trilogy of supernatural erotic romances.

I’m not going to say anything more about the story. Mathilde Madden is a respected author of erotic fiction – and deservedly so. The horror element, necessary for any supernatural tale, is eloquent and doesn’t intrude on the erotic or romantic developments. The romance is impossible, and therefore compelling as the couple get closer and are then pulled apart by cruel circumstances. The erotic twists and turns are powerful, passionate and truly exciting.

The Silver Collar is the first of a trilogy – to be followed by The Silver Crown and The Silver Cage. Iris and Alfie’s turbulent relationship has opened to a resounding start that ticks every box a reader could want from a supernatural erotic romance.

Stories of this calibre don’t come around with every full moon.

Well, that’s all quite good. To celebrate the teetering pile of author copies of The Silver Collar over in the corner of my living room I shall be giving away a couple of copies to a couple of commenters. Just say hi.

Also, take a peek at the first chapter of The Silver Collar right here