Come Shots

Posted on October 22, 2007


On Lust Bites today, Olivia Knight is talking orgasms.

Here are a few come shots.

Here’s Alfie, wolfing out in Book 1: The Silver Collar, where he’s chained down for safety and his orgasms make him change into a wolf.

Leather felt something like flesh in his mouth. He pulled at the chains again, harder, bursting with the need to get free. To flex himself. To run and rip and bite and fight. He was coming and he was changing. He heard himself roar and at the same time saw the speed of Leon’s reflexes as he sprang backwards off the bed, pulling Pearl with him.

Here’s Alfie again in Book 2: The Silver Crown, coming and changing without restraints to protect Iris

Perhaps it was all the other stuff going on. Perhaps. As Alfie reached down and pushed his way inside Iris, he tried not to notice Blake watching them. He concentrated on taking his weight on his arms and trying to keep most of it off Iris’s back – Iris was strong for her size, but he was a big man. As he moved and let his body overtake, he started to lose most of his rational thought anyway. The wolf was coming. He was coming. The wolf was coming. So soon.

When Blake shouted, ‘Fuck, Iris! Fuck.’ Alfie, in his wolf-addled state thought Blake was urging him on, but then the door clanged as Blake slammed it open. Alfie felt Blake’s metal clipboard hit him in the face, but he was on the edge of the change then and it was just one sensation in the midst of many.

Finally, here’s Iris, melancholic with Blake in Book 3: The Silver Cage

Iris swallowed hard and drew her fingers over her clit. Spelling out her name again. I R I S – I N S T A S I – F O X – T A B E R N A C L E. She stared into Blake’s eyes, barely finishing the last letter of his last name as she started to come.

But this is my absolute favourite come shot. From Me, When I’m with You in H is for Hardcore ed Alison Tyler


You don’t say anything. You lower yourself onto the floor. I don’t know quite how you manage it with your wrists cuffed. Maybe just sheer force of will. I look at your arse. Your hands curled in the small of your back. Your hips move. Start to pump. It’s just bare floorboards under you. You must be so sensitive. It must hurt, but the way you’re moaning suddenly, it must be working too. You’re fucking the floor and moaning like you’re inside a lover. Like you’re inside me.

Fast and frantic suddenly, you move like you’ve lost it. Maybe you think I might tell you to stop at any moment. Maybe I will. No. No, I won’t. I want to see you come like this. You must know that. If you thought about it you’d work that out.

Your head goes back and your pump your hips hard and roar and scream. God, that was quick. I’m disappointed. But then I think about what you’ve just done and I almost come myself. You just fucked the floor to get yourself off.

I can’t believe you just did that. I’ve never wanted you – anyone – so much my whole fucking life. I want to roll you over. I want to straddle your chest and rub my crotch against your hard nice abs until I come myself. I want to twist my fingers in your hair and pull your head up and make you look me in the eye. I want you to know that I just watched you do that. And that I got off hard on it. I want to get down on the floor and lick your come up myself and push it down your throat with my tongue. I want to hurt you and kiss you, write on you. I want to lock you in a cage and starve you. Sometimes I don’t know what I am or what you’ve made of me. I want to watch you dying. I want to stare at your mouth forever.