End of Days

Posted on October 21, 2007


I’m finishing the end of the last werebook today. It’s been a year. It’s the end of an era.

This book contains a flashback to Iris and Alfie’s first time. So here’s a tiny snippet from  the last book. No spoilers.


Alfie lined himself up as Iris lay back down. He slid inside so easily. She was so wet, but even so, his cock was big enough to make her catch her breath. Alfie moved inside her. ‘Oh god, Iris. I’ve always wanted… Never knew… I’m in-fucking-love with you, Iris. It’s the wrong time to say it I know. Too soon, whilst fucking. Double wrong. But, oh god, it’s true. I just want this to be it. I just want forever. Uh. Oh god. Never want this to end.’

Iris clenched her muscles, hugging his cock. The waves of how he moved inside her were ripples of pleasure.

Alfie moaned as she moved. ‘Oh god. That feels amazing.’ He thrust a little harder then, making her moan in turn as he found spots inside her that made her see stars.

‘That’s like… explosions,’ Iris moaned, not caring whether or not she made real sense.

In return she gripped Alfie’s cock and twisted on it. Overwhelming him with sensation. Taking charge of him, or every part of him. He moaned, mouth open, head shaking as he began to come.

Iris whispered, ‘You’re not the only one who has fantasies about control.’