Posted on October 5, 2007


Alfie followed Lilith down the scrunching gravel path. When they got inside the cover of the trees Alfie casually took off his shoes, shirt, jeans and underwear. He folded them all up in a neat little bundle and tucked it under some tree roots.

Lilith was staring at him. ‘You ever thought of modelling?’

Alfie squinted at her for a second, then bent to pick up the little canvas bag that contained the collar. ‘Not after what happened last time.’

Lilith eyed Alfie’s behind. ‘Shame. You should consider it. We don’t really do anything at the C and C, but some covens do a nice line in merchandise. Calendars, stuff like that. I can see you as werewolf hunk o’ the month. I think Mr April.’ Her tongue flicked over her lips. ‘You’d look good wet.’

Alfie shook his head.

‘Wuss. And do you need to be carrying that scrappy bag? It does ruin the whole kind of manslut image I wanted for you.’

‘I need the bag. Also, not a man.’