Posted on October 4, 2007


‘Yep,’ Leon said, striding in through the kitchen door with an armful of chocolate bars, ‘we’re all going to be good little weredogs. For daddy.’

‘Where’ve you been, man?’ Zac said.

‘”Sire”,’ Leon growled. ‘C’mon, Zac, you’ve got to do it properly. “Where have you been, sire?”‘

Alfie rolled his eyes as Zac parroted back, ‘Where have you been, sire?’

‘Newsagents up the road. I got these. Need the calories, don’t I. Lycan metabolism.’ He tipped the chocolates on to the table. ‘Also, I think daddy dearest is going to have to make me cub of the year.’

Alfie made a face. ‘What?’

‘Guess who I met while I was out? Only a cute nurse. Pearl, her name is. I told her all about you, well, all about your mangled eyeball, anyway; I’d have been there all day if I’d gone into full details about what a prize tit you are.’

Alfie snarled low, but didn’t react anymore than that.