Posted on October 3, 2007


Misty was standing at the open front door, dressed in a long black PVC raincoat. ‘Oh, Alfie, babe. I’m glad you’re still on the loose,’ she said, ‘could you give me a hand with the cage.’

Alfie nodded. He picked up the cage sitting in the hall and stepped out into the rain. His shirt was open a couple of buttons and, as he slid the cage on to the back seat, he noticed the taxi driver was looking at the collar. He couldn’t resist playing up to what he knew the guy was thinking.

As Misty came down the steps he said, ‘Have you got someone to help you with the cage at the other end, Mist-tress?’

Misty gave him a slight frown, ‘Ye-es?’

Trying not to smirk, Alfie dropped to his knees on the wet pavement and kissed the toes of Misty’s high-heeled boots. ‘Would you like me to lick the dungeon floor clean while you’re gone, Mistress?’

‘Oh, stop it, babe,’ Misty said, pulling her foot away and laughing.

‘Can I pleasure myself with a dildo after I’ve locked myself in the cage tonight, Mistress?’

‘Alfie! Not fucking funny.’