Posted on October 1, 2007


Iris was noticing the gun far less than Alfie’s warm muscular chest pressed against her back or his big arm, tight around her waist.

‘Iris,’ he pressed his face into the angle of her neck and shoulder, licking the sensitive skin there. ‘You’re the one who wants it.’ He said against her spine.

‘Wants what?’ Iris’s voice cracked as she let her head fall back. Alfie buried his head tighter into her flesh and nipped at her skin. Then she was twirling around in his arms, he was pushing her back against a tree. He was kissing her again.

‘We have to be quick,’ he said, almost as part of the kiss. You can’t take the collar off me until afterwards and you have to take it off before…’

‘The moon’ll kill you,’ Iris said, talking into his hair as he moved down her body, his teeth and lips and tongue everywhere.

‘Yes,’ said Alfie. ‘So quick.’ He wrenched her trousers down, lifted her, used the tree for extra support and practically seemed to set her down on his cock.

Iris jerked. Too much, too soon. ‘Alfie!’

But Alfie’s hands were there on her clit. Those fingers again. Those fingers that had made her come so many times. He was supporting her with the tree, with the angle of his body. Her feet were off the floor. The hand that wasn’t jammed down between their bodies he brought up and touched her face. Then he pushed two of his big fingers into her mouth. Filling her there too. In. Out. Stopping her cries as her orgasm began to rush fast towards her. He held her then. Found her tipping point, her edge and held her on it, stilling his cock inside her, his thumb on her clit, his two big fingers fucking her mouth. Iris shuddered, waiting for her moment.