Posted on September 30, 2007


Ignoring the pain in her shoulder, Iris arrived at the Institute and went to find Blake. His office door was open. She stopped in her tracks before she’d crossed an inch of fraying carpet.Blake was perched on the edge of his desk sucking on a grubby-looking roll-up. His attention as entirely focussed on Pepper and Aurelia, who were on the floor. Wrestling.

Pepper seemed to be coming off worst. Aurelia was mostly on top of her and had got her shin across Pepper’s windpipe.

‘The hair,’ Blake shouted, waving his cigarette, ‘use her hair.’

Pepper reached out and grabbed a handful of Aurelia’s long blonde tresses, making her yelp.

‘Uh,’ said Iris. Not quite sure of the right words.

Blake looked up. ‘Oh, hey, Iris. Just doing a bit of training.’

Iris frowned hard. ‘Training for what, exactly? Our own line of soft-core videos?’