What Witches Want

Posted on August 8, 2007


An excerpt from What Witches Want in the new Black Lace collection Love on the Dark Side.

Lilith squirmed. Blake knelt up astride her and had his trousers and underpants down in moments. Lilith saw his cock jutting out from under the hem of his shirt – bold and hard – as he moved towards her. And then his hand over her mouth was gone and she had enough of a moment to take one big breath before he grabbed and handful of her hair and forced his cock deep into her mouth.

Lilith gasped and struggled again, pulling at the tie holding her wrists, trying not to choke.

‘Take it,’ Blake grunted. ‘Come on, witch, suck my dick.’ His voice seemed to crack a little with the words. Lilith looked up at him looming over her. He grinned down and let go of her hair for a moment to yank his shirt off over his head.

Lilith saw his upper body for the first time then, compact, muscled and hard. There was something nasty about his physique. Something brutal.

‘Maybe after I come in your mouth I could find something to gag you with,’ Blake panted as he thrust mercilessly into her throat, bracing himself against the wall behind the headboard. ‘Your fancy underwear maybe? Then you’d really be helpless. Powerless. I could leave you here for as long as I wanted then. Days. How would you like that? Imagine what they’d say at work if I told them I had a witch for a prisoner, tied to the bed, just aching for another chance to suck my dick.’

Lilith moaned around the taut flesh filling her mouth. Blake tasted like oceans and dark places, like basements and fear. Blake tasted like a man who had stared at things that even a witch might turn away from. Masculine pride and arrogance, slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

He sneered down at her. ‘I could just take your old magic vase of powers somewhere safe, witch. Far away. Make sure it never got broken. Put it in a vault somewhere.’

Lilith gasped and in that moment, as she broke the vacuum seal around his cock, he withdrew, and whispered. ‘Going to fuck you now, witch.’ He slid down her body, slipped her damp knickers out of the way and drove into her. Coasting on her wetness. His hands were gripping her taut, bound arms. His mouth now the thing keeping her quiet.

When he began to move – to fuck her as promised – it was hard and nasty. Harder than any man who valued his entrails should ever fuck a witch. Lilith squirmed under him. Desperate. ‘God,’ Blake said, breaking the kiss, ‘you are so fucking wet for me. You love this, don’t you? You love me inside you?’

‘Uh, yes.’

‘Fucking say it, witch.’

‘I love you inside me.’